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Gul Grand Prix Beer SC

The RS200s and 800s made the annual pilgrimage down to Beer Sailing Club for the fifth GUL Grand Prix event of 2012. Beer, as always, made us extremely welcome, but unfortunately the 30+ knot forecast for Saturday was pretty accurate. You could see the white horses bucking on Lyme Bay from the hill five miles away. The race officer wisely canned the days racing and scheduled an early start and five races for Sunday. This left us to enjoy a day at the seaside, barbeque, happy hour and even the replica Olympic torch on its journey from Torbay to Weymouth by sea.

Sunday was fabulous. There was sunshine, rolling waves and a breeze building from a solid 12 to frisky 18 knots. Much of the fleet had been put off by the forecast for Saturday, but the few that braved it were treated to five intense and extremely close races.

The racing was so close that there was little between first and last place and any mistake cost dearly. Races were won by Mark Heather and Ed Cowell, Dicken Maclean and Hannah Young, Ben and Roz McGrane, Ian Sharps and Ellie Martin. Mark Heather and Ed Cowell showed the most consistency, never finishing out of the top four. Matt Mee and Emma Norris stormed in first couple of races, whilst John Teague and Darren McNamara showed blistering pace upwind as the breeze got up.

The Beer shore crew were out in force, not only were we helped through the breakers and up the beach, but also treated to a lovely all you can eat high tea.

The next leg of the GUL Grand Prix circuit is at Derwent in two weeks time, combined with the Scottish series and Bolle northern tour.

1488 Gold Mark Heather Edward Cowell Wilsonian 9 1 1 3 3 4 2
481 Bronze John Teague Darren McNamara Bristol Corinthian YC 15 2 10 8 2 2 3
1311 Gold Matt Mee Emma Norris Red Wharf Bay 16 3 2 2 12 8 4
584 Bronze Ben McGrane Roz McGrane Netley 17 4 5 4 12 1 7
822 Silver Edd Whitehead Alice Kingsnorth Parkstone 18 5 4 6 4 5 5
940 Silver Dicken Maclean Hannah Young Island Barn Reservoir 19 6 6 1 6 6 6
1467 Gold Ian Sharps Ellie Martin Burghfield SC 20 7 9 9 1 9 1
1495 Silver Tim Ellis Hucky Horner Island SC 24 8 3 7 7 7 12
1422 Bronze Caroline Martin N Martin Burghfield SC 27 9 7 5 5 10 12
1029 Bronze Oliver Vidal Noelle Vidal RYA 29 10 8 10 12 3 8
674 New Tom Whicher Clare Shinton Netley 46 11 11 11 12 12 12
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