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Volvo Noble Marine National Championship

    Volvo Noble Marine RS100 National Championships


    Volvo Noble Marine RS100 National Championships - Royal Torbay Yacht Club Day 4


    Day 4 dawned with thick mist, an air of expectation and a forecast of a Force 3. While first and second places were assured to Aarons and Dickson, Peckham and Lee were tied third equal on 37 points and Powell and Smart were tied fifth equal on 46 points. With the greater expectation of less rather than more wind, Peckham and Smart were feeling happier with the lighter forecast having enjoyed consistently strong showing during the lighter winds of Day 3, although Lee was keen to get on the water as his discard was better than Peckham’s, so he might be aiming to sail Peckham down the fleet.


    Despite a lack of wind, Smart and Lee could be seen to be champing at the bit by getting changed to get out on the water for the 10:30 start, only to be greeted by a postponement as the wind showed no sign of appearing. Powell and Peckham were looking particularly happy at the prospect of no racing, especially Powell as he was clinging onto fifth place, by dint of a race win, by the skin of his teeth.


    As the morning dragged on and the wind showed no sign of building boats started to slowly unrig, although not going so far as to de-mast in case the wind suddenly appeared. Powell’s demeanour improved with every passing minute until the call was made to abandon racing. The results from Day 3 stood.


    The class Chairman, Mark Harrison thanked the sponsors of the RS100 Nationals, including Volvo and Noble Marine Insurance. He also gave particularly strong praise to Royal Torbay Yacht Club for their first class running of the event, including impeccable race management, well organised shore support and a very friendly welcome.


    A special prize for the move that brought most laughs was taken by Luke Deegan, for missing his toestraps, legs flailing as he carried out a prefect backwards roll out of the boat while leading a race on Day 2. As Luke said ‘It never happens when you’re at the back!’


    John Burns from Llandegfedd was delighted to be awarded the Silver fleet prize, having shown consistency across all wind strengths.


    Brett Aarons from Gurnard was crowned RS100 National Champion after a near faultless performance demonstrating the ability to go fast in all conditions. Results of 1,1,1,2 in the last four races finally put daylight between him and the hard chasing Youth Representative Alistair Dickson. Giles Peckham took third place thanks to his race win in the final race of Day 3 giving him the place on countback from Steven Lee. Huw Powell took fifth place on countback due to his race win in the first race of Day 1 when the wind was blowing.


    The whole fleet had enjoyed a fantastic event at a great venue with wonderful hosts. With six different race winners in the 10 races, the fleet can demonstrate strength in depth and very tight racing was enjoyed throughout the event with winners coming in all shapes and sizes.


    Volvo Noble Marine RS100 National Championships - Royal Torbay Yacht Club Day 3


    The RS100 Nationals, sponsored by Volvo and Noble Marine Insurance saw a different complexion on day 3 due to entirely different wind conditions.


    Gone was the energy sapping breeze of the first two days, to be replaced by much less wind. So much less that the eager competitors were greeted by a 2 hour postponement, with the wind clocking round from Northerly to Southerly before competitors were able to go afloat. Some even proved reluctant, suggesting that the Race Officer was making up the ‘well over 4 knots over the course area’ requirement.


    On the water the RO was proved correct, although the wind never stretched beyond 7 knots all day. So would all the hull polishing from Aarons, Dickson and Powell, the overnight top 3, prove effective.


    Race 8 provided the answer, with Aarons polishing having been shiniest, giving his boat an extra boost of energy. Having a good start and going right up the beat also helped. Steven Lee got the beat spot on to lead round the windward mark, with Aarons and the Blue Stripe (Smart) in hot pursuit - and it was hot as the English Riviera had finally rediscovered summer. Peckham and Deegan were in close attendance to pick up on any lapse in concentration. Aarons turned on the after-burners downwind to pass Lee and never look back taking the bullet with Lee 2nd, Peckham 3rd, Smart 4th, Deegan 5th and Dickson recovering to 6th. Powell enjoyed a discard.


    Race 9 showed that race 8 had been no fluke. Those that went right continued to enjoy the favoured side of the beat with Aarons again hot off the start line and taking an unassailable lead for another bullet, but with Dickson fifth it was starting to look like the National champion was going to be the light wind speedster. To most of the fleet’s astonishment, the sight of not one but two Chew Valley boats towards the front of the fleet was disconcerting. Joining Smart was Andrew Jones, who had decided to sail on Saturday and Sunday as he had seen the forecast of no wind – you have to understand that he is still learning the boat. Smart took second with Jones fourth split by the super-fast Peckham clearly loving the conditions, with another lake sailor, Eplett enjoying the light stuff taking 6th.


    Race 10 saw the breeze dying during the second lap, but Peckham was clearly in the zone, won the biased pin end and when he tacked onto port was already 25m ahead of the fleet and basked in the sunshine all the way to the finish. He was followed by a very consistent Aarons with Dickson pulling out the stops on the final run to take 3rd from Smart 4th and Jones 5th starting to enjoy life towards the front of the fleet.



    After 10 races and two discards the top 10 table reads (with smileys appropriate for the day’s 3 races):

    • Brett Aarons - Gurnard SC (13 points) JJJJJJ
    • Alistair Dickson - Port Dinorwic SC (22) LLK
    • Giles Peckham - Gurnard SC (37) JJJ
    • Steven Lee - Weston SC (37) JLK
    • Huw Powell - Red Wharf Bay SC (46) LLL


    • David Smart -(46) JJJ
    • Mark Harrison (48) LLK
    • Greg Booth (49) KKL
    • Clive Eplett (62) KJK
    • Luke Deegan (66) JLL



    Volvo Noble Marine RS100 National Championships - Royal Torbay Yacht Club Day 2


    With the forecast on Saturday suggesting 4 knots gusting 3 knots, it was agreed by the fleet to squeeze in a fourth race on day 2.


    The wind was a shifty force 2 to 3 from the North West, keeping everyone on their toes.


    Since nobody can remember the detail of the races, we will focus on the highlights:


    • Luke Deegan leading the first race, but falling out of his boat when rounding the top mark.
    • Race 4 saw a pin bias with a black flag second start. Dickson led off from the pin, but hard left paid and Smart led at the windward mark with Aarons in close pursuit. Smart went into reverse, never to be heard of again with Dickson finding the pressure to take the lead and bullet.
    • Clive Eplett leading the first lap of Race 5 having fixed his slot gasket. Unfortunately he went the wrong way down the run to let Dickson through for the win.
    • Mark Harrison winning Race 6 by a mile, putting his speed down to ‘luck’. Everyone agreed.
    • Smart leading round the first mark in Race 7, but following the Eplett school of downwind sailing by going the wrong way to let Aarons through for the win.
    • Shane Hughes vociferously telling Huw Powell to carry on up the beat, to which Powell responded, also vociferously, that he was going to, since he was on starboard.
    • Brett Aarons claiming that the racing was the closest racing he could remember. Nobody could sit back and relax or you would lose 5 places. Place changes were a-plenty on every single leg.
    • The Race Officer did a fantastic job in turning the races round quickly despite the best efforts of the wind to change direction, so keeping the windward mark boat busy.


    With one discard in play, after seven races the top ten is very close with all to play for. Aarons and Dickson are now trying to out-polish their hulls to a perfect mirror finish, with Huw Powell wondering if he should join the Mr Sheen party.


    • Brett Aarons (14 points)
    • Alistair Dickson (14)
    • Huw Powell (24 )
    • Steven Lee (28)
    • Greg Booth (34)
    • Mark Harrison (35)
    • Giles Peckham (42)
    • Chris Cunningham (45)
    • David Smart (48)
    • Clive Eplett (49)

    Volvo Noble Marine RS100 National Championships - Royal Torbay Yacht Club Day 1


    Report by David Smart, photos courtesy of


    22 RS100 sailors appeared for their National championships from Thursday 17 September to Sunday 20 September, with 3 races each day. The event is being run by the Royal Torbay Yacht Club with generous sponsorship from Volvo and Noble Marine Insurance.


    The racing was going to be close with National, World, Inland and Sprint champions scattered through the fleet. However there will be a new RS100 National Champion crowned as the holder, Neil Freeman was absent with knackered knees.


    The forecast for day 1 was for a Force 4 to 5 south westerly, but the first start commenced in a Force 2 westerly with Mostyn Evans timing his rigging to perfection, approaching the line under spinnaker straight from the dinghy park.


    Race 1


    The pin end paid with David Smart quickly out of the blocks and pushing hard left to take advantage of the left hand shift to the predicted south westerly, leading at the first mark closely followed by Alistair Dickson and Steven Lee. On the first run, Smart over stood the leeward mark and swam trying to drop the kite. That let Dickson and Lee through, but Lee was confused by a change of course hooter and decided to try to finish on the second lap, losing out on a certain win. He was heard by the fleet to say: “**##** #$*## xx??%& **£$xxx!!! L”. He escaped with a verbal warning. With all the early leaders getting over-excited, Huw Powell and Brett Aarons were starting to revel in the growing breeze pulling through the fleet to take first and second followed by Tom Powell and Alistair Dickson.


    Race 2


    The wind had picked up to a good force 4. Smart was again quick off the pin end and crossed the fleet on port, but gently made his way back through the fleet with the aid of another swim. At the front the Port Dinorwic mafia showed everyone how to sail fast in a breeze, with Greg Booth and Dickson vying for the lead, with Booth winning out in the shortened 2 lap race. Local ‘boy’ Chris Cunningham (AKA Captain Birdseye) was enjoying the breeze, using his facial hair to good effect to take third with Huw Powell fourth and class chairman Mark Harrison taking a hard earned fifth.


    Race 3


    Dickson nailed the pin end start going left with Booth and Powell in hot pursuit. At the top mark, Dickson approached on starboard while Cunningham, who had taken the right side approached quickly on port. While most appreciate that the port tacker should give way, Cunningham had other ideas and adopted the ‘I’m sure I can make it’ tactic. Dickson had to take evasive action, although Cunningham described it as ‘aggressive luffing’. Quite how ducking Cunningham’s stern can be described as ‘aggressive luffing’ was beyond all bar Cunningham who did his turns.


    The run proved decisive with some big pressure to be found. This was most effectively smelled out by kiwi Brett Aarons, who took the bullet from the ever consistent Huw Powell, with Booth third, Dickson fourth and Luke Deegan fifth having shown increasing speed as the day progressed.


    John Burns took the trophy for most capsizes in the day with eight, reduced to five by the class chairman by excluding ‘righting incompetence’.

    RS100 National Championship 2015

    Entries: 23      Races Sailed: 10      Discard: 2

    Series Place Sail No Helm Club G/S Series Points Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8 Race 9 Race 10
    1 366 Brett Aarons Gurnard SC G 13 2 6 1 3 2 5 1 1 1 2
    2 410 Alistair Dickson Port Dinorwic SC G 22 4 2 4 1 1 10 2 6 5 3
    3 359 Giles Peckham Gurnard SC G 37 5 12 17 5 9 2 9 3 3 1
    4 314 Steven Lee Weston SC G 37 7 7 6 2 6 4 3 2 11 7
    5 240 Huw Powell Red Wharf Bay SC G 46 1 4 2 6 3 14 8 16 9 13
    6 277 David Smart Chew Valley Lake SC G 46 6 10 8 7 12 12 5 4 2 4
    7 379 Mark Harrison Gurnard SC G 48 8 5 7 11 8 1 6 8 7 6
    8 512 Greg Booth Port Dinorwic SC G 49 9 1 3 10 4 13 7 7 8 12
    9 509 Clive Eplett Frensham Pond G 62 10 11 12 9 5 3 11 9 6 9
    10 135 Luke Deegan Antiga G 66 12 13 5 15 7 7 10 5 10 10
    11 421 Chris Cunningham Starcross YC G 73 11 3 9 16 10 8 4 12 16 24
    12 425 Shane Hughes Royal Torbay YC G 91 13 8 10 4 14 6 12 24 24 24
    13 413 Tom Powell Cardiff YC G 96 3 9 11 19 11 19 15 17 14 16
    14 506 John Burns Llandefedd SC S 101.5 15 20 16 17 15 9 13 13.5 12 8
    15 302 Jacob Barnett Royal Torbay YC S 115 18 19 19 8 19 17 14 15 13 11
    16 488 Simon Collinson Llandefedd SC S 121 17 15 15 14 13 16 16 19 18 15
    17 305 Jeremy Gilbert Penzance SC S 124 19 18 20 12 17 18 20 11 15 14
    18 470 Nathan Muggeridge Starcross YC S 125 16 14 13 13 18 15 17 21 21 19
    19 309 Mostyn Evans Mounts Bay SC S 136 14 16 14 21 16 20 19 20 20 17
    20 523 Darren Martin Royal Queensland YC S 137 24 24 24 18 21 11 18 10 17 18
    21 172 Andrew Jones Chew Valley S 142.5 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 13.5 4 5
    22 454 Gavin Benbow Royal Windermere S 153 24 17 18 20 20 21 21 18 19 20
    23 299 Jim Hood Lymington Town SC S 192 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24

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