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GUL Grand Prix Draycote Water SC

    Despite the poor forecast and fuel problems, 10 boats arrived at the first Gul circuit event of the season to be greeted by a gentle north easterly breeze, which strengthened during the day.

    Race Officer Tim Filmore decided to squeeze in 4 races on Saturday, due to the poor forecast for Sunday.   In the first race, on a course shared with the RS400 fleet, Huw Powell sailing a 10.2 rig led from the start closely followed by Mark Harrison (8.4), with Alex Morrison (10.2) gaining places to 3rd as a few capsized.  On the last lap Huw had a problem with the kite drop, allowing Mark to slip up the inside to win, followed by Alex, with Greg Booth in an 8.4 in 3rd.  

    The second race saw Huw in front, with a close race for 2nd place between Andrew Wilson, in his first event in the 100, Richard Pratt, Alex and Mark. By the penultimate (5th) lap, Mark had just overtaken Alex with Andrew not far behind.  This looked set to be the finishing order, but Huw miscounted the number of laps, going to the finish a lap early, and after realising his mistake only managed to finish 4th behind Mark, Alex and Andrew. 

    Race 3 unfolded in a similar way, with Mark winning from Alex, and Huw in 3rd after starting an extra lap.   The last race of the day saw Greg return to the fray, after a two race rest sorting out a spinnaker problem. Alex had made an early return to the shore with a broken kicker, and individual recalls for both Huw and Mark kept them away from the front of the fleet Approaching the last mark, Greg was leading, followed closely by Ian and Richard with Huw and Mark  chasing.  Lap counting once again defeated the leaders, with the first 4 setting off on an extra beat, allowing Mark to head for the line, and leaving a frustrated Greg finishing 6th.

    Sunday dawned sunny but flat calm. Sailing was abandoned, with final positions shared between the two rigs - Mark Harrison as overall winner and 1st 8.4, with Huw Powell as 1st 10.2.        
    Sailwave results for RS 100/200/400 Open Meeting at Draycote Water Sailing club 2012
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    RS 100/200/400 Open Meeting

    Draycote Water Sailing club

    Preliminary Results

    RS100 Fleet

    Sailed: 4, Discards: 1, To count: 3, Ratings: PY, Entries: 10, Scoring system: Appendix A
    1st RS100 RS100 (8.4)
    134 Mark Harrison   Gurnard SC (1) 1 1 1 4 3
    2nd RS100 RS100 (10.2)
    240 Huw Powell   Red Wharf Bay SC 2 (4) 3 2 11 7
    3rd RS100 RS100 (10.2)
    131 Alex Morrison   Leigh & Lowton SC 3 2 2 (11 DNC) 18 7
    4th RS100 RS100 (8.4)
    377 Andrew Wilson   Datchet Water SC (5) 3 5 5 18 13
    5th RS100 RS100 (8.4)
    229 Ian Maclean   Chew Valley SC 6 5 (9 DNF) 3 23 14
    6th RS100 RS100 (8.4)
    264 Richard Pratt   Rutland SC (11 DNC) 6 4 4 25 14
    7th RS100 RS100 (8.4)
    251 Tony Jukes   Chelmarsh SC (10 DNF) 7 6 7 30 20
    8th RS100 RS100 (8.4)
    172 Greg Booth   Port Dinorwic SC 4 (11 DNF) 11 DNC 6 32 21
    9th RS100 RS100 (10.2)
    252 Chris Jones   Chelmarsh SC 7 (11 DNF) 7 8 33 22
    10th RS100 RS100 (10.2)
    107 Mark Tissimaw   Saundersfoot 10 DNF (11 DNF) 11 DNC 11 DNC 43 32

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