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Results : RS100 Rooster National Tour

(5 events, 3 to count)

2022 Rooster RS100 National Tour Overall

Professor Clive Eplett wrote his report on the final event of 2022, the Rope4Boats Inlands at Chew over the weekend of 22/23 October. In addition, we celebrated the end of the Rooster National Tour with the final Tour prizegiving.

There were five events held throughout the year to try to sort the flotsam from the jetsam. From those five events, three were to count to identify who floated to the top of the Rooster Tour. Ten of the 39 sailors who took part completed three events, so were in contention. In reverse order they were;

10 Jon Elmes (Chew Valley Lake)

Showed definite signs of improvement until he took a nasty tumble off his ladder, so missing his home event at Chew. We wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him continue his climb up the fleet.

9 Bart Bridgen (Netley)

Great to see a Netley boat in the qualifying fray. We wonder if he might encourage some more of his flock to travel, although not if they continue to win events when they turn up!

8 Stephen Jones (Chew Valley Lake)

The Jones brothers seem to hunt in a pack. Steve is someone who keeps his boat super flat when it blows and revels in things when others prefer to stay in the bar.

7 Mark Harrison (Gurnard)

Class stalwart and retired chairman, Harrison’s never-give-up-relentlessness brought him a well-earned but tight victory at Weir Wood, in a season otherwise not always of his usual high standard. He is about to take his advanced RYA juror exams, so we’d better all watch our rules adherence even more next year

6 Matt Johnson (Weir Wood)

A steady climber and always to be found near the front. He’s a bit like a Terminator – he never gives up and will get you if you relax for one second, particularly with his excellent downwind speed. He’s also probably young enough to be in the youth wing.

5 Huw Powell (Red Wharf Bay/Netley)

The National Champion was unable to repeat his winning ways at the Inlands. Has a distinct love of heavy winds where he is almost untouchable. Despite his stated hatred of the light stuff, he is often surprisingly quick when the lightweights are in their element!

4 Andy Jones (Chew Valley Lake)

Should still be in hiding after taking out the class chair in the last race at the Nationals. Andy remains a major force to contend with. He loves strong breeze, is handy when it’s moderate and quick when it’s light. So not too many weaknesses.

3 David Smart (Chew Valley Lake)

Oh dear! Smart does have glaring faults and they certainly glared at us this year. The year was going so well until he bought Greg’s old boat and added a stunning (other adjectives are available) gold stripe. Has a tendency to bang a corner, although, annoyingly for others, those corners often worked this year.

2 Clive Eplett (Frensham Pond)

Avoided some of the heavier wind days this year, blaming aches and pains, but Eplett is ever present at the front of the fleet. Blisteringly quick in the light and just very quick at other times. Not a lover of gold stripes! Or wobbly blue ones.

1 Tom Halhead (Llandegfedd)

While a relative newcomer to the fleet, Halhead showed that he has what it takes to be consistently at the front. He attended every event and scored a wonderfully organised 1,2,3,4,5 - a royal flush no less. We’ll have to rename him King Tom! Congratulations on becoming the winner of the RS100 Rooster National Tour.

Elsewhere in the class, we have new boats being built by Ginger Boats. Get in touch with them, to bag yourself a shiny new steed.

The next event is the always excellent RS Sprints over the weekend of 22/23 April - the first of the 2023 Rooster National Tour.

…And finally, a massive thanks to Rooster for supporting the RS100s through 2022. We really appreciate it and look forward to your support in 2023.

David Smart

Position Name Sail No Club POSH Weirwood Nationals Leigh&L Chew Total 3 to count
1 Tom Halhed 393 Llandegfedd 3 2 4 1 5 15 6
2 Clive Eplett 509 Frensham pond 2 3 10   2 17 7
3 David Smart 277/523 Chew Valley 4   3 2 11 20 9
4 Andrew Jones 172 Chew Valley 7   2   3 12 12
5 Huw Powell 508 RedWharf Bay/Netley 8   1   4 13 13
6 Matt Johnson 239 Weir Wood 5 4 5   7 21 14
7 Mark Harrison 379 Gurnard 6 1 7   10 24 14
8 Stephen Jones 130 Chew Valley 9   6   8 23 23
9 Bart Bridgen 268 Netley   8 9   9 26 26
10 Jon Elms 206 Chew Valley 10   11 6   27 27
11 Tom Fletcher 124 Hunts         13    
12 Colin Hatton 138 Weir Wood   10          
13 Nigel Wakefield 145 Netley         1    
14 Andrew Southall 147 Chew Valley         20    
15 Martin Tubb 157 Leigh & Lowton       8      
16 Daniel Webber 174 Wimbleball     17   19    
17 Dave Tarr 183 Queen Mary         14    
18 Darrell Sleep 208 Staunton Harold         16    
19 Louise Mckeand 209 Leigh & Lowton       10      
20 Richard Wach 218 Bristol Corinthian         17    
21 Maggie Ayre 219 Castle Cove     14        
22 Gavin Thompson 238 Chew Valley     13   15    
23 Amy Hulley 247 Weir Wood   11          
24 Gareh William 253 Leigh & Lowton       5      
25 Ian Gregory 259 Frensham pond 1   8        
26 Dave Kelsall 265 Leigh & Lowton       9      
27 Ian Bullock 284 Burghfield   9          
28 Rob Burridge 287 Weir Wood   5          
29 Nick Edmonds 331 Chew Valley         12    
30 David Giles 353 Weir Wood   6          
31 Andrew Todd 360 Bala       4      
32 Charlie Camm 365 Castle Cove     16        
33 Tom Hirst 366 Downs   12          
34 James Ross 373 Netley         6    
35 Floris Stapel 445 Brassermeer     15        
36 Matthew Scott 458 Chew Valley         18    
37 Francis Bucknall 470 Weir Wood   7          
38 Andrew Hodgson 488 Bala       7      
39 Adam Catlow 503 Leigh & Lowton     12 3      
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