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Lord Birkett Trophy

    RS100 at the Lord Birkett Trophy

    Six 100 entered which gave us fleet status for the event. Four boats launched on Saturday for the first race.

    The O.D keen to get sailing, saw a brief patch of wind and lowered the A P flag. 172 boats launched, with the start line right across the lake off the club. The end of the line on the far shore was impossible to see through the sails and we started after general and on black flag. The lake was like a mill pond with small localized patches off wind appearing in different directions!

    Artur Dembinski was doing well at first mark but then I lost sight of him in the crowd. I did not see another 100 for the next two hours. As I approached the top mark the leading boats sailed past back to the finish line, I was looking for a 100 spinnaker but no one was in front of me. I Rounded the mark hoisted my kite and made for home. First saw Robert , then Richard and Artur.

    Day one John in 441 62nd Robert in 140 70th Richard in 122 135th Artur in 480 148th. 8.32 miles sailed in 4hours!

    Sunday promised more wind, course was set, breeze did 180 shift, the course was changed general recall spinnakers up down etc. Eventually wind settled down Robert hit turbo button and finished 6th on handicap 29th overall 1st single handed asymmetric. John 57th 2nd single handed asymmetric. Richard 113th 4th single handed asymmetric and Artur 154th 7th asymmetric 


    John Richardson

    1st Robert Richardson sail no 140 Royal Windermere Yacht Cub

    2nd John Richardson sail no 441 Royal Windermere Yacht club

    3rd Richard Purdy sail no 122 Kielder Water Sailing Club

    4th Artur Dembinski  Ullswater Yacht Club

    Gavin  Benbow and Nick Heathers  Royal Windermere Yacht Club DNS

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