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Message from the RS100 Class Association Chair, David Smart

Dear RS100 Sailors and Supporters,

Many of you will have seen the announcement from RS Sailing that they are looking to manufacture some more of probably the best single-handed dinghy available…the RS100.

Following on from feedback at the last class AGM, I, together with Clive Eplett, have been working with RS Sailing to incorporate a few updates to the new boats. I am delighted that RS Sailing have committed to support the class and been listening to the feedback from the sailors. The changes will help improve the boat, while maintaining the strict one-design ethos of the class. After all, we didn’t want to start an arms race. The changes also bring the boat bang up to date with a little carbon on the foils to provide a bit of bling.

We need orders for 10 boats. My latest discussion with RS shows we are at seven orders. I am aware that there are several sailors thinking about investing in a new boat, so why not treat yourself this Christmas and place an order. You’ll be in your new boat before you know it and sailing your way up the fleet with renewed energy!

Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing the new boats on the circuit next year.

David Smart

RS100 Class Chair

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