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Noble Marine RS100 Nationals at Brixham - The Contenders

Brixham YC are hosting the Noble Marine RS100 nationals from Thursday 9 to Sunday 12 September. So who’s entered and what is known of them, given the lack of Nationals in 2020 due to the world pandemonium?


Let’s look at the 25 entrants and their clubs and the very limited events that have happened in 2021.


Netley SC (13 entrants)

There is clear evidence that they have had enough of each other. What other explanation is there for there being so many of them travelling to the English Riviera. Either that or they’ve finally found their trailers having hardly seen any of them outside Netley. Ever! Barr, Bridgen, Creak, Jolliffe, King, Main, Powell, Ross, Shuttleworth, Trickett, Troughton, Wakefield and Whidborne. Sounds more like a roll call from Trumpton! Wakefield won the recent 100 club champs, although Jolliffe seems to be the one to beat based on their summer sprints. Powell has legendary speed when the wind blows so is always one to keep an eye on. But they will have all been improving having been locked in their Netley bubble, so they could all put up a good fight.


Chew Valley Lake SC (4 entrants)

The fastest growing 100 fleet in the country (from 4 18 months ago to 15 now, with lots more showing interest) are ones to watch. Jones (Andy and Steve), Smart and Elmes are making the trip. Smart was 3rd at the last Nationals in 2019, 3rd in Torquay, 3rd last week at Paignton. Clearly 3 is his lucky number (along with his blue stripe). The Jones brothers tend to prefer the windier stuff, but can never be discounted. Elmes is improving fast and will need to be watched.


Frensham Pond (2 entrants)

Front of the fleet in 2021. Gregory has won both Torquay and Paignton events in 2021, with Eplett second in both. They are true light wind specialists, helped by Gregory’s weight, or lack of it. Everyone else is hoping the wind will blow to keep them at bay.


Gurnard SC (2 entrants)

Aarons is the reigning champion. Quick when it’s light and fast when it’s heavy. There are many looking to dislodge his crown. Not least Harrison, although capsizing when in his best position at Paignton last week just reinforced his dislike of light airs.


Weir Wood SC (3 entrants)

Johnson is always challenging and likes it when things get tough. Burridge gives him a run for his money on home waters, but I couldn’t even find Hulley in the weir Wood results! Clearly their secret weapon.


Mounts Bay SC (1 entrant)

Evans is making the Cornish presence felt (if we ignore Eplett, who just likes to fly the Cornish flag), but he’s hoping he packs the right sail, having popped up his 200 main on his 100 at Torquay.


So what do we learn from this?

  1. Netley have gone big - over half the fleet. They could team race everyone else out of it!
  2. At the moment, the forecast is NOT showing strong winds. That’s going to favour Gregory, Aaron’s, Eplett and their ilk.
  3. The field is wide open so at this stage, anyone can win, or so they all think…


David Smart


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