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24/02/2017 13:41:08

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The calendar lists the impending Frensham Frenzy as our first event on 12 March. It comprises 2 pursuit races, starts for us just before 11am and 2pm, with a break for lunch in the middle. Happily, I do not have to be OOD this year, so may have less time to puzzle over the wanderings of the perpetually-lost Chairman. Courses will likely use several of our 9 marks, so legs are of varied angles - no ww-lw where we have to double the Laser's distance on every downwind. Entries are limited to 50 in total, with avoiding un-observant 2.4m sailors plus Cadets and Teras being part of the fun. To book your place, simply email me at [email protected] 
PS I usually use my 10.2 on the Pond, picking your rig on the day will not be frowned upon

24/02/2017 17:45:28

Mark Harrison
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Hi Clive
I intend to be there as I don't have to try very hard to look lost.  If I remember right last year the course used 8 of the 9 buoys a lap so anyone going with my sort of memory could do worse than have a chineagraph pencil on the boat, or heaven forbid resort to following Clive.
Looking forward to the event even though I have hardly sailed this winter.  Get the excuses in early.