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01/02/2018 18:47:00

Stuart Bailey
Posts: 4
Hi All,

I bought a RS100 yesterday, number 256, which I'll be sailing instead of a Blaze. It's very nice so doesn't need much doing, just normal maintenance jobs.

I had a look at it today to decide what jobs I need to do to it before I test it out and noticed that the kicker and Cunningham lines appear to rub on the underside of the foredeck by the mast gate. Is this normal? Can anyone suggest a mod to prevent this? Other than re-shape the deck where the ropes go, unless that's the thing to do.

I do have a photo available but not sure if I can post it on this forum.


01/02/2018 19:25:00

Mark Harrison
Posts: 114
Hi Stuart
Welcome to the 100 fleet, I hope you will enjoy the boat.
If I remember correctly the control line go through the deck by the mast and round pulleys in the mast gate and directly into the cleats on the deck. I am not aware of any rubbing when they are lead right. 
You should be able to insert a pic by using the right button on the toolbar were you reply.
Where do you sail?

01/02/2018 19:48:00

Stuart Bailey
Posts: 4
Thanks Mark.

I have just put a photo on the RS100 Facebook page. I can't see the toolbar that you mention, possibly because I'm using an iPad.

I will take the mast gate out at the week so will check things out a bit more then, it'll probably become obvious then.

I sail on the River Medway and will be keeping my RS100 at Wilsonian SC. we have one other RS100 there, but that's not raced that often. I hope to do a few opens this year, but it depends on family commitments.

I've moved from a Blaze to a RS100, I've also raced many asymmetric boats over the years, not done single handed asymmetric Sailing before though so we'll see how it goes!


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