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Port Edgar medical report from event winner, Ronnie Millar


Port Edgar hosted the second round of the JPWatersports Scottish Tour on Sunday 7 May. The previous day had seen 6 boats take to the water for training sessions led by Calum Reid, where some deep winter rust was shaken off by many crews in the 15 knot breeze.


3 more arrivals on Sunday morning saw 9 boats take to the water in a cloudless Garda type sky with an initial wait for the breeze to fill in (we were at Garda!). It arrived at about 6 knots and built through the day to over 12 knots and great 200 sailing conditions.


Race 1 and I have no idea what happened up the first beat, other than our own (“Sick Boat”) combined coughing fits being limited two about 2 bad ones each, and a mainsheet getting tangled round my foot on the last crucial (as always) tack on to the lay line. Meanwhile Robbie Wilson and Roger Carter hoisted kites and took the high and fast approach, while Sick Boat went deep and recovered to third behind the high angled flyers at the leeward mark. Through what seemed likea 2 hour race, Sick Boat pulled through to take the win, Roger kept second and Fiona Riggpopped up in 3rd.


Race 2 saw Martin Faulkner and crew (“200kgs all up”) take control in the now stronger breeze, holding off a downwind challenge from Sick Boat.Roger  looked to have 3rd but split the points with Brendan Brendan for 4th  when they could not be separated on the finishing line – a result that proved crucial at the end of the series.


Race 3 and 200kg disappeared into the distance, Brendan Brendan (surname on entry form next time please!) hiked the whole way round (a tactic frowned upon at the mature end of the fleet) and held off Sick Boat. With the number of coughing fits now exceeding the number of tacks, gybes, hoists and drops, Sick Boat headed for the medical facilities ashore.


So the report for Race 4 consists of various rumours regarding rules infringement, a capsize by 200kgs, a post race arbitration hearing and a win for Roger, Alex Beaney 2nd and Fiona appearing in 3rd.


With the on-shore medical facilities Sick Boat made it to the prize giving to be informed they had won by half a point from Roger with 200kgs coming in 3rd overall but first in the hard luck stories.


Many thanks to Port Edgar, JP Watersports and the weather gods to a great days racing in idyllic conditions.


Next event is at Largs in 2 weeks time – come and join the fun.


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