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15/11/2019 12:01:00

Mark Harrison
Posts: 117
RS multi class event at CARNAC  May 23-26 2020
This is a great event in a lovely place. Canac is a small holiday town with great family beaches and lots to see close by. The club is very friendly and the racing extremely well organised as well as usually a reception and a meal included in the entry.
There are a few of us wanting to go but we do not really want to make the financial commitment if we are only sailing in a fleet of 4 or 5.
As with all events the more competitors there are the more others want to join in, so if there are 8 who would defiantly go how many more would join in?
The entry will be around £150 and the cost of the ferry depends on which route, and at what time you travel. Obviously if you can use double or more trailers the travel costs are reduced.
The event times are set so it is possible to catch the Friday night ferry across and make racing on Sat. and racing finishes early to catch the overnight back on Tuesday to be in the UK at 6.30am Wed morning. That is 4 days sailing for one day holiday (Mon. is a Bank Holiday)!!
Please post here or on Facebook to indicate whether you are 1. definitely, 2. likely to come or 3 not coming, if there are 8 or more boats.
Hopefully this will produce a good turn out and enable me to plan my life!

15/11/2019 12:11:00

Giles Peckham
Posts: 43
1.  I will be there if there are 8 or more boats.  Great place to sail and hopefully great company too!

15/11/2019 13:29:00

Francis Bucknall
Posts: 4
Regret that it’s very unlikely that I can be there. 
Of course in November it looks a VERY attractive event!!!!
Best wishes to everyone. 

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